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PostSubject: MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA   Wed May 15, 2013 6:33 am

・area: Italy
・member: Pierpaolo Zoppo
・involved projects: Lyoto Music, Lasik Surgery, Maribor
・organized label: Aquilifer Sodality
・accomplice labels: Aquilifer Sodality, Bruno Cossano Corporation, Slaughter Productions, Urashima, menstrualrecordings, Officina Fonografica Italiana, Xn Recordings, Santos Productions, Silentes, Broken Flag, Recloose Organisation, Graf Haufen Tapes, Club Moral, Illuminated 666, BloodLust!, Vis A Vis Audio Arts, ZSF Produkt, etc.

One of the seminal Italian Power-Electronics / Post-Mortem projects by Pierpaolo Zoppo, started in 1982.

Initially and temporarily stopped the musical activities in 1986, and yet some recordings from 1988 were published ten years later by Xn Recordings in 1997; Some of the tracks on it was NOT his own material though. And also a handful releases contain new material were released in 90's but again stopped the activities immediately then.

After such hiatuses, he broke the silence again, contributing the track to the compilation "Songs From The Darkroom" issued on Spatter in 2005, and fully resurrected the creation and continued to produce a bunch of works as M.O. moniker, as well as various collaborative projects with different musical directions from previous ones.

Also archive/reissue programs especially for previous 80's material has been in full flood.

R.I.P. - 16th June 2012
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