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PostSubject: ULTRA / JON CARLSON   Wed May 15, 2013 12:24 pm

・name: ULTRA
・area: USA
・members: Jon Carlson aka St. Degeneratus (mastermind), and partial members Herr Mucke/Achim Flaam, Dr. Tengelmann/Christoph Heemann, R Stanford King, Wesley Mark
・organized label: Dom America (now transferred to Judd Taylor/Sex Vid)
・accomplice labels: Dom America, The Ajna Offensive, Dom, Aquilifer Sodality, Syntactic, G.M.B.H., Petri Supply, Freedom In A Vacuum, etc.

A genuine outstanding group originally formed by Jon Carlson aka St. Degeneratus co-assistance with the member of Achim Flaam aka Herr Mucke and Christoph Heemann aka Dr. Tengelmann, both members of German group H.N.A.S. in mid 80's, and released splendid LPs and 7inch and contributed to some compilations in this form.
Since the 5th full-length album "Lifestyle" released on The Ajna Offensive in 2000, Jon Carlson reformed the group with new members R. Stanford King and Wesley Mark.

Their musical directions is overwhelmingly weird, and yet always break into ULTRA-VIOLENCE, tying to luminaries from the industrial, avant-garde, power electronics or electronic music of the likes no longer known, with the fine art of subtlety, poetry and some bizarre sense of decorum.
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